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Founded in 1901, the Cambridge University Engineering Society is Cambridge University’s most active academic society and one of the largest, with over 1300 current student members.


Our mission is to deliver the very best opportunities to students to enhance their skills and develop their employability. To our partners, our mission is to be their indispensable route to interaction with some of the greatest talent in the world.


We make regular contact with our network of high achieving students through numerous channels including presentations from industry, events (including the university’s largest student-run careers fair), our grants scheme and regular social activities. We are proud of how this has always resulted in very high exposure for our partners, not only to our members but also to the wider Cambridge community.


Recently, CUES has undergone a shift in focus and is rapidly expanding its reach to an increasing number of STEM and non-STEM students, as well as the postgraduate community. Membership is open to anyone at the University with an interest in technology and industry, giving us a strong membership base that is growing and diversifying.


We run several initiatives to help shape the leaders of the future, and we are particularly proud of the launch of our Diversity Scheme which aims to promote social mobility and gender equality in STEM industries.


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CUES Partner Information

CUES partners with industrial companies – big and small – to showcase engineering in industry and the latest placement and recruitment opportunities to the brightest talent. We collaborate closely during the recruitment phase to offer unrivalled brand exposure to our sponsors and partners:

  • CUES Careers Fair: The largest student-run Careers Fair in Cambridge is a focal point for over 30 partner companies and 500 STEM students to network. Our biggest academic event is open to all interested companies annually and run in collaboration with experts from the Cambridge Careers Service, with excellent feedback from attending companies. CUES Sponsors receive guaranteed free access to our Careers Fair with priority over other attendees and premium positioning.
    Detail Information: CUES Careers Fair Info 2017
  • CUES Presentations: A fixed staple in the Engineering undergraduate calendar, our twice-weekly lunchtime presentations are a unique opportunity for you to dive deep into your company. Be it a technical talk, an inspirational presentation, an application skills workshop or an introduction to available graduate and internship opportunities, we design bespoke marketing materials for your talk and offer you a full 45 minutes to talk to our talented students, lunch provided. CUES Sponsors receive guaranteed free access to lunchtime presentations with priority reservations.
    Detail Information: CUES Presentations Info 2017-18
  • CUES Flagship Events: From site visits over afternoon workshops to 24-hour overnight hackathons, our CUES Flagship Events are loved by students and companies alike. We cooperate with the host company exclusively to give them complete access to our creative members. Word of our events spread like wildfire in Cambridge thanks to our custom publicity strategy and are always oversubscribed. Past flagship events include the ARM Hackathon and BAE Systems Capture the Flag.
  • CUES Bulletin: CUES operates a twice-weekly newsletter that reaches over 1300 inboxes of active student members. In addition to promoting CUES Events, sponsors are able to submit free, unlimited entries that align with their recruitment strategy to our secretary. Non-sponsors are able to submit individual entries for £100, on a space available basis.
  • CUES Social Media: CUES is one of the most active societies on Social Media. Our partners get unlimited, exclusive access to our Facebook followers and reach, as well as our Twitter, Snapchat (@CUEngSoc) and Instagram channels.
  • CUES Merchandise: We prominently display our partner logos on all our popular Merchandise, which is given to new members during Fresher’s Week. CUES Merchandise is visible throughout Cambridge every day, especially on our popular hoodies and sweatshirts.
  • CUES Grants: Our strong partners enable the unique CUES Grants scheme. We offer financial support for individual and collective endeavours that are difficult finance otherwise, ranging from individual hacking projects to overseas outreach opportunities and international competitions. CUES partners will learn about how the Grants are used and are able to engage with the students directly should they spot an interesting project.
  • CUES Magazine: Our magazine, ‘The Cambridge Engineer’ is a fantastic vehicle for partners to promote opportunities and drive engagement. Besides classical adverts, our sponsors are offered the opportunity to submit articles and interviews about projects and people that are pushing the boundaries of engineering.

Companies interested in a partnership with CUES are always welcome to get in touch with us. If this could be your company, please reach out to our Sponsorship Lead at


Blockchain Talk by MIT professor Silvio Micali at Algorand

Join us to hear about the revolutionary alternative blockchain, developed from the first principles and enabling continuous progress.

Algorand is a highly innovative blockchain platform out of MIT in Boston, a platform that will provide great opportunities for a lot of developers to build upon.

Turing Award winner, the top crypto professor at MIT and the founder of Algorand, Silvio Micali will tell you about how Algorand is changing the conversation in the blockchain space.

Afterwards, Algorand will also talk about the its Developer Suite of Tools and articulate how simple it is to start building on top of the platform and invite teams of developers.

Algorand also wants to get in touch with the talented developers of the Cambridge University and its ecosystem. With this particular event, Algorand will be seeking to identify ambassadors (well networked and talented developers) to help Algorand build and expand Algorand ecosystem in 2019 and beyond.

The talk will take place at LR4 in the Engineering department from 17:30 to 19:30 on October 30th. Look forward to meeting you on that day!

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TPP Pub Quiz

CUES is excited to announce a Code Challenge on Wednesday 24th October, in collaboration with TPP!

Unlike a typical pub quiz, you'll need to exercise your problem solving skills to tackle the range of challenges set instead of applying your general knowledge.

There will be free food and drinks, both soft and alcoholic, available for attendees throughout the whole event. There will also be great prizes on offer for the winning teams (Such as Raspberry Pi Computers and a Hotel Chocolat hamper).

TPP recommends teams of about 5-6 people, but smaller groups are welcome too, and if you're unsure who to come with then we'll be happy to match you up with other keen problem solvers on the day. Some questions require specific knowledge so you will want a programmer on your team!

Entry is free of charge and doesn’t require a ticket, so feel free to just show up on the day!

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P&G Networking Events

P&G Innovation Workshop

On Tuesday 23rd October 2-4pm CUES welcome world leaders P & G to the North Room in the Library to give a workshop on innovation. If you are interested in working for a company that is constantly striving to improve the world around them then this is an event you shouldn’t miss!

P & G engineers will show you how a breakthrough solution to a key human need, the humble toothbrush, was designed and put into place. You will also be given an opportunity to work in small teams to devise an innovative concept and design to a real-world problem in the Home of the Future. A panel of judges will award the winning product with prizes.

This is an exclusive event, and not one to be missed so make sure that you sign up to not miss out below:

If you are not a CUES member it is not too late to sign up and get involved with our multitude of events:

P&G R&D Women in Engineering Dinner

Join current P&G R&D engineers and scientists to find out more about opportunities for engineers in Research and Development at P&G.

P&G offers exciting opportunities for technical careers in our thriving devices business (e.g. Oral-B electric toothbrushes, Braun Silk-Epil Epilators).

P&G is committed to diversity and as such is delighted to host a R&D Women in Engineering Dinner for only 10 female engineering students.

Who: Female 3rd/4th year Electrical/Mechanical-focussed engineers
When and where: Tuesday 23rd October, 7pm, Browns Cambridge, 23 Trumpington Street
Cost: FREE
How: Please register by emailing your CV to, specifying your chosen Part 2 modules. Limited to 10 places.

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Vere Whittome

President -

This is your society and I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve and engage more students! Feel free to give me a shout when you see me around CUED or just drop me an email at!


Julita Straszak

Vice President -


Emma Lindsey

Treasurer -


Kim Barker

Operations Director -

I’m an Emmanuel College 3rd year specialising in Information Engineering looking to rejuvenate the CUES committee efficiency and productivity through strong leadership, smart data and clever management.