Areeg Emarah

Hey there! So my role as access officer will cover working with the CUED Outreach Officer to help improve our intake of students from backgrounds that would not usually apply to Cambridge and/or Engineering. I will be in charge of the organisation of the first ever CUES Access Day which will give students an insight into the student experience in CUED as well as the application process. Please feel free to reach out to me either via Facebook or my email!

Ewan Morrin

Hi, my name is Ewan. I’m one of the welfare officers for CUES this year. I’m a third year from Churchill college specialising in electrical and information sciences and this is my first year on the CUES committee.

As one of the welfare officers, my role is to help promote mental health awareness in the department and organise welfare events during the year, and generally make the year more enjoyable and less stressful.

If you’re feeling down you can always reach out to myself or Athi and we’ll do out best to help you out. We’re always looking for ways that we can improve welfare in the department, so if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to share them!

Vaishnavi Bhonge

Hello! I’m Vaish, a third year Manufacturing Engineer from King’s. As Operations Director I am responsible for our Welfare, Diversity, and Access initiatives, as well as the Website and Magazine. I’m hoping this year to achieve a greater focus on Welfare as well as greater integration between the Diversity, Welfare, and Access functions.

Athi Chellappa

Hi, I’m Athi, I’m a third year engineer from Churchill College specialising in Aerothermal Engineering and I am one of the welfare officers for CUES this year! This is my first year on the CUES committee.

My role, alongside Ewan, is to help improve the physical and mental welfare in the department so that you can get the most out of your time in CUED.

Ewan and I are always available for a chat, whether it is degree related or otherwise and we will be running events throughout the year to make it more enjoyable experience here, but we are always open to any ideas on how we can improve in our roles to help relieve any stress or concerns.

Lettice Wei

Hello, I am Lettice, a fourth year Information engineer in Magdalene College. I have been the magazine editor for one year and will stick to it until graduation. As an engineer and an amateur visual designer, I emphasise the connectivity between Art and Tech. We will strive to bring you with a fantastic digital experience in reading the Cambridge Engineer!

Tse Uweja

Hi, my name is Tse (pronounched: Shay). I am the Outreach and Diversity for CUES for this year!

My role is to help promote engineering diversity within the department e.g. through Outreach activities and by working closely with the CUES Access Officer Areeg.

The other part of my role is to help students from under-represented backgrounds with the department to feel more comfortable and confident in the department through workshops, events and schemes.

Please do let me know if you have any other ideas as to how I can make the engineering department as inclusive and welcoming as possible!