Marcos Tapia Costa

Hi I am Marcos, a second year engineer from Magdalene College.
This is my first year as a publicity officer, and my first time in CUES all together. My main responsibilities are scheduling Facebook events, posts, giving lecture shoutouts, and overall ensuring different company events get the right type of attention.

Zoe Yi Wang

Hi everyone, I am Zoe, a third year information engineer from Christ’s College.
This is my first year in CUES committe and I really enjoy in publicity works so far. My responsibilities is promoting society events, mainly by facebook posts and events, lecture shoutouts and other approaches, together with other talented publicity officers.

Miruna Rapeanu

Hi everyone, my name is Miruna and I am a third year aerospace engineering student from Churchill College. Apart from engineering, I’ve always been not-so-secretly interested in the ins and outs of publicity and marketing. My responsibilities include promoting the society’s talks and events and managing our social media accounts.

Ilakya Prabhakar

Hey! I’m Ilakya, a third year engineering at Magdalene. As one of the content designers I’m mostly playing around on Photoshop making posters/facebook cover photos and presentation packs for CUES.If you have any design suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Tomos Wood

Hi! I’m Tomos, a third-year engineering student from Queens’, specialising in energy & the environment. My role straddles publicity and events, where I help facilitate new initiatives such as the Intro Hackathon and ensure that the inter-team communication functions smoothly.

Afif Akmal Affian

Hi! I’m Afif, a third year Engineer at Churchill – specialising in Civil/ Structural Engineering. I’m one of the content designers mostly fiddling around Adobe Creative Cloud apps hoping it turns out fantastic; and so far it has! If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me!

Namnueng Protpagorn

Hi, I’m Namnueng. I’m a second year engineer at Queens’ College. I’m a Content Designer and Publicity Officer because I love designing and creating art! I make posters, CUES stash and is encharge or CUES insta so GO FOLLOW if you want a regular update or want to know more about our society

Amy Clayton

Hi! My name is Amy and I’m a third year engineer at Emmanuel College specialising in Mechanics, Materials and Bioengineering. This is my first year on CUES committee and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I’m mainly responsible for sending out the CUES bulletin twice a week to keep you up to date with all our events!