Jane Street

Jane Street is always looking for great new people to join our team. Due to Covid-19, we are predominantly working from home right now. We are actively interviewing, hiring and onboarding remotely. Although specific roles require specific skills, above all we’re looking for candidates who share our values:

  • Honesty, both personal and intellectual
  • A cooperative mindset, which often prioritizes helping your colleagues over your own direct work
  • Intellectual curiosity – relentlessly getting to the bottom of problems
  • Humility, including the ability to admit what you don’t know, and to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes
  • A quantitative approach to decision making and problem solving

Information about some of our perennially open positions and groups.

Quantitative Trading

Quantitative Traders work in teams to develop and execute strategies using a combination of data analysis and a deep understanding of how markets operate. Traders push into new business areas, investigate new products, optimize the execution of trades, and manage risk. Jane Street’s traders also adapt strategies to unexpected market conditions. For these roles, previous experience is not required. We’re more interested in how you think and learn than what you already know.



The technology group is actively hiring in many different areas. For all of these, no previous experience or coursework in finance, business, or economics is required. We’re more interested in how you think and learn than what you already know.


Quantitative Research

Researchers at Jane Street are responsible for building models, strategies, and systems that price and trade a variety of financial instruments. As a mix of the trading and software engineering roles, this work involves many things: analyzing large datasets, building and testing models, creating new trading strategies, and writing the code that implements them.


Institutional Services

Jane Street offers our unique liquidity and trade execution services to the largest institutional investors and asset managers in the world. Roles in Institutional Services are generally client-facing to some degree.



Our infrastructure teams– Business Development, Operations, Finance, Tax, HR, Recruiting, Legal & Compliance, and Office Administration – are key to the firm’s success. Like nearly everyone else at Jane Street, they sit together on one trading floor, collaborating closely with each other to constantly improve the firm’s critical functions.

For more information, please visit our website.

Newton Europe

If it’s responsibility that you’re looking for, with the chance to make real changes within some of the largest organisations in the UK, then a graduate role at Newton could be the job for you.  Do you:

  • Want to change the world in a year (or less)?
  • Want to use data to inspire people to do their most meaningful work?
  • Want a pivotal role, working on things that really matter?
  • Want to work for a company that guarantees its fees against measurable results? (Don’t worry – you’ll still be paid)

If so, be part of our team.

What we do
1. One team from day one

Change doesn’t magically appear from behind a laptop; it grows from working together as a single, cohesive team. We will only get the results you need by forming the relationships (friendships, even) that matter – at every level of your organisation. From the boardroom, where we care as passionately about solving the challenge as you do; to the shop floor, where change will either succeed or fail, and where the most valuable insights are often discovered.


2. Assessment: Finding the focus

Either by habit, or opinion, or limited access to vital or timely information, organisations are often led in the wrong direction. This is why we never start off assuming we know the answer. Hard evidence, gathered first-hand, is – for us – the only solid foundation for relevant, effective, and lasting change. We start right at the coalface, uncovering the insight and the truths that you need to make your most important decisions.


3. Total clarity

Once you have greater visibility and insight into what’s happening, we create a plan together which clearly and definitively pinpoints the changes that will deliver you the biggest impact. And this is where our initial approach pays off. Because we’ve designed the plan as one team, from the outset, and because we’ve directly engaged those most affected along the way, your whole organisation will be able to understand – and get behind – what needs to happen.


For more information about Newton, visit our website

BNP Paribas

Why choose BNP Paribas?

BNP Paribas is one of the global leaders in the financial services sector, and we are determined to succeed in our transformation towards a new model: the bank of tomorrow. We are… a sustainable and responsible global leader

Our core values and ethical principles permeate every aspect of our business. What we do can only have value if it’s meaningful to society. Our Company Engagement department addresses this challenge through establishing and implementing the Group’s social commitments.

We are… a learning organisation

We want our employees to feel fulfilled, and we also want other people to join us. To achieve this, we’ve developed a dedicated, personalised and increasingly digital experience to support the professional development of all employees.

We are… an open-minded group

Diversity is not just a question of type, handicap, skin colour, age or origin…inclusion is the respect of distinct uniqueness and allows each employee to be him or herself every day. To be one’s self at work, with one’s colleagues and managers is the key to our engagement and collective success in the company.

We are becoming… the place to work differently

Providing a workplace environment that encourages you to be creative, agile and innovative is a good thing. Creating a workplace where you feel good about what you do, where you can advance at your own pace, and proactively manage your career is even better!

For more information about opportunities with BNP Paribas, visit our Careers page.


Arrival logo

Arrival is accelerating autonomous and electric vehicle technology, by fusing AI with new forms of automotive engineering. Arrival recently placed 1st in LinkedIn’s Hottest UK Startups of 2020, is one of the world’s newest Unicorn’s and has won numerous design awards for its new standard of zero-emission vehicles and technology products.

Arrival is reinventing the automotive industry with its entirely new approach to the design and assembly of electric vehicles. The company’s new method uses low CapEx, rapidly scalable Microfactories that can be placed anywhere in the world to serve the regions they are located in. These Microfactories, combined with proprietary in-house developed components, materials and software, enable the production of best in class vehicles that are competitively priced to fossil fuel variants. This transformative approach reduces the costs of production and emissions of shipping, and does not require massive upfront investment, creating strong unit economics for the whole of Arrival’s product portfolio, including its electric van and bus announced earlier this year.


Specialists in operational improvement, fuelled by a fundamental belief that even the best organisations can be better.

Our approach is different – deliberately. We work hand in hand with our clients, delivering at the coalface. Together, we crack some of the largest and most complex challenges in the public and private sectors, by pinpointing and implementing the changes that will create the greatest impact.