• Confused as to how internships turned virtual? Here's my experience of the main differences to an in-person placement.
  • Read on for an account from Annelie, a Cambridge graduate who now works for TPP, to find out how she found her job and what it entails.
  • Find out who you nominated as a CUES Lockdown hero!

Develop your skills

We offer opportunities to help build both technical and soft skills, as well as supporting you with personal projects :

  • CUES hackathons to help hone your programming skills.
  • Private workshops in areas such as machine learning, blockchain, and data science.
  • Speaker panels featuring industry leaders to discuss key topics, including artificial intelligence, diversity in STEM, and sustainability.
  • Grants to be used for personal projects.
  • Exclusive opportunities such as free Coursera access and online training resources.


Founded in 1901, CUES is Cambridge University’s largest academic society and one of the most active. If you’re looking for exclusive recruitment events from top engineering firms, private workshops and hackathons to hone your skills, and a supportive community during your time at Cambridge—look no further. With 1300+ members and 20+ upcoming events in Michaelmas alone, what are you waiting for?