WorldQuant is a global quantitative asset firm. The firm deploys and develops financial research
strategies across a variety of asset classes in global markets.
WorldQuant BRAIN® introduces its users to the intriguing world of quantitative finance in an interactive
way through its simulation platform, and provides global talent the opportunity to become research
consultants in select approved countries and participate in WorldQuant’s greater research efforts. Our
platform includes data sets and tools, performance dashboards and value-add measures.
We are a diverse group of data scientists, engineers and other intellectually curious individuals with an
interest in quantitative finance. Together, we’ll generate alphas* and other algorithms, and collaborate
and compete against one another as we work to make new discoveries and contribute to the larger
WorldQuant effort.
The IQC is WorldQuant BRAIN’s flagship event, bringing together students, academia and professionals
from around the globe. It offers participants the opportunity to apply their curiosity about math and
science and their intersection with the financial markets.

* Alphas are mathematical models that seek to predict the future price movements of various financial

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