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Committee Election 2017

Monday 27th February, 2017

At CUES we believe that Cambridge students have incredible opportunities ahead of them. The committee exists to give students the chance to see what’s out there and provide them with the experiences and skills to seize those opportunities. To carry out this mission we work with industry-leading multinationals, the fastest growing startups, world renowned institutions and many others to deliver some of the highest profile events at the University.

As members of the committee you will have the very best exposure to companies, make valuable contacts, and be responsible for a series of impactful events – often with large budgets. You will also develop organisation, communication, and team-work skills.

So why not join us in the running of Cambridge’s most active society?

Executive Committee Elections

The Executive Committee consists of the posts of the President, Vice-President, Committee Director and Treasurer. Any student who has served in at least one of the previous two committees is eligible to stand in the Executive Committee elections.

The nominations for the Executive Committee have now been received. You may view the manifestos of the candidates for the CUES Executive Committee below:





Voting will begin at 8pm Friday March 3, 2017 and end at 11pm Saturday March 4, 2017. You may cast your vote here.

General Committee

Role Descriptions and Requirements

All roles will require strong communication skills including fast response times to emails and messages as well as passion towards their role and the society.

The directors must also have good team management skills and experience, as they will be leading a team of at least five people, and must be in constant contact with them.

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Committee Managers

Events Director

We are looking for an incredible supervisor to lead the events, presentations and socials teams. CUES events are massive and we have a team of highly motivated individuals organising them. Your role will be to oversee the planning, execution and analysis of these events, ensuring that they are of top-notch quality, well-organised and well-publicised. You will need to be organised and confident in leading this team but also full of energy to keep your team motivated throughout the year.

Operations Director

We are looking for someone who is well organised and enthusiastic because the people you are in charge of make a huge impact. You’ll be supervising the magazine editors, diversity officer, webmaster and secretary. You’ll want to make sure that they are motivated and exploring all the opportunities that their roles present.

Communications and Marketing Director

You will be leading a team of highly talented and creative individuals. You will be responsible for how the society appears to the outside world: the members, sponsors and general public. The marketing and communications team publicises all of the society’s events via a large range of communication channels including facebook, lecture “shout-outs” and posters. You will also be in charge of the CUES brand, which involves the website theme and stash design. We are going through an exciting process of rebranding and refreshing our entire image and we want you to be a part of this!

Data Strategist

If you like mining through data and devising strategy based on your analysis, this role is for you! As a Data Strategist you must be able to appreciate the bigger picture. You will need to devise a plan for how to collect data from students and companies and then do the analysis to develop an informed argument for where the society should be heading and suggest ways to optimise our resources.

Committee Officers

Events Team

Events Officer

You will be in charge of organising all the major CUES events in the academic year. These include: the annual Careers Fair, the ARM Hackathon, BAE Capture the Flag, Speed Networking Events, site visits and the International Trip. You will have the freedom on how to shape these events and how to make them successful. We would also love you to bring ideas for new events and implement them. The events are a big part of the core activity of the society and what makes the society so valuable to its members. Additionally you’ll have a great deal of contact with external companies, including our sponsors, when you organise the careers fair and other similar events.

Presentations Officer

You will be the face of CUES to companies coming to us to deliver presentations! Every week, you will organise up to 2 presentations from world-leading engineering firms and meet exciting people from industry. Our presentations will have an attendance, on average, of 60 students per presentation, which means that when students think about CUES, they will often think about you! Having said that, you need to be able to handle that high level of responsibility. Organisation and prompt communication are essential. Lastly, you have to work well with the rest of the committee as publicising events requires the collaboration with multiple other committee members.

Socials Officer

As with all our events, we place a heavy emphasis on quality and grandeur; socials is no exception. Organising big-budget socials like the Annual Dinner at the Fitzwilliam Museum or the IET Ball at the Savoy Place, to name a few, will require excellent organisation and communication skills, and of course a keen interest in showcasing the fun side of CUES.

Communications and Marketing Team


This is an absolutely vital role as you will be responsible for promoting CUES and all of its activities! This is a massive area of focus for CUES and the public perception of the society is in your hands. The role can be enormously rewarding since your efforts will significantly determine the success of CUES events. The nature of the role involves working closely with the Events team and Communications and Marketing Director to ensure CUES events are well attended by interested parties i.e. not always only engineers! You will be required to manage the Facebook page, utilise the dozens of communications channels at our disposal and publicise activities in lecture rooms and around the university.

Content Designer

Every single piece of publicity material, from our posters to facebook posts and cover photos, is designed by the content designer. You will be the single force behind how the society appears to its members, sponsors and the general public. We are looking for someone who is creative and good at working in a team, as this role underpins the functionality of the entire communications and marketing team. Experience with Adobe creative cloud or at least a desire to learn how to use the software is preferred.

Brand Manager

As one of Cambridge’s largest societies by membership, we have an enormous brand potential and are looking to refresh and establish a brand that is recognised across the university. This role will involve filming and photographing our events and producing high-quality material to publicise and professionalise the society. The brand manager is also responsible for the management of stash – one of the best ways that we can promote the society across the university. Beyond this, the role is space to be creative and bring ideas to the table.

Operations Team


This role will be particularly exciting this year as we are looking to redevelop the website! If you enjoy web design and are looking to revamp the website of one of the most prominent student societies in Cambridge, this role is for you! This will be a real CV-worthy technical experience. The website is based on WordPress so experience with HTML5, CSS, PHP and JavaScript will be helpful here.


You will be the face of CUES in the digital realm. This is an exciting role in the committee and you will be the key communications link between the committee, firms in the industry and our 1500+ general members. You will receive publicity requests from sponsors and several external companies for their recruitment events, job opportunities and talks/discussions, and it will be your prerogative to decide which ones should go on the bulletin. This is an excellent opportunity to network with companies and find out what job recruiters look for when selecting potential candidates. You will be coordinating with the content designer, publicity team, sponsors and other companies, and will be diligent in replying to emails and regularly disseminating information to the general members through the bi-weekly CUES bulletins. You will also be in-charge of taking minutes at the committee meetings.

Diversity Officer

Are you passionate about diversity and gender equality and want to make a meaningful impact? Do you have some suggestions on how the Engineering Department can effectively tackle these issues? This role, formed recently with the vested interest of the Engineering Department and CUES Sponsors, will provide you with a powerful platform to work closely with the Department on all diversity related issues and student welfare. You will have CUES’ resources as well as those from the CUES Sponsors’ diversity-based networks at your disposal to organise events and promote diversity in STEM at all levels from students to staff.

Magazine Editor

The CUES magazine is one of the most iconic features of CUES that has been successfully running for almost a century now! (See the CUES magazine from 1923 on our website!). In addition to being a proud torchbearer of this tradition, you must be comfortable using Adobe creative cloud software and other editing tools. This is a fun role that involves finding articles for the magazine, which is a great opportunity to chat to people about their work, companies and experiences.

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