• Be eligible for CUES grants up to £1000 to be used for your own projects
  • Get a voucher for a CPD accredited course in communication skills – a great asset to your CV courtesy of Work Ready Graduates
  • Take part in the CUES mentoring scheme
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts all subsidised and available to our members
  • Be eligible to apply for the CUES Committee

Take advantage of our network

Get to know our sponsors and other industry-leading companies keen to expose their technologies and recruitment opportunities:

  • Get our weekly bulletins with info on exciting opportunities around Cambridge
  • Come to our speed-networking event with the CUES sponsors
  • Stay up to date on which presentations and talks are coming to your doorstep
  • Stay up to date on who will be at the CUES Careers Fair – the largest student-run careers fair in Cambridge
  • Get sent the latest recruitment opportunities from our sponsors

Attend our member-only events

Many of our events are member exclusive including:

  • Our hackathons and capture the flag events including the ARM Hackathon and the BAE Systems Varsity Capture the Flag
  • Workshops and skills session including the Work Ready Graduates’ Skills Day
  • Site visits to get out of Cambridge and see industry in action
  • The International Trip – our a highly subsidised trip abroad
  • Social events including the extraordinary Annual Dinner at the Fitzwilliam Museum, the IET Dinner at the Savoy Place on London’s North Bank, and our STEM visit to Thorpe Park