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Arrival is accelerating autonomous and electric vehicle technology, by fusing AI with new forms of automotive engineering. Arrival recently placed 1st in LinkedIn’s Hottest UK Startups of 2020, is one of the world’s newest Unicorn’s and has won numerous design awards for its new standard of zero-emission vehicles and technology products.

Arrival is reinventing the automotive industry with its entirely new approach to the design and assembly of electric vehicles. The company’s new method uses low CapEx, rapidly scalable Microfactories that can be placed anywhere in the world to serve the regions they are located in. These Microfactories, combined with proprietary in-house developed components, materials and software, enable the production of best in class vehicles that are competitively priced to fossil fuel variants. This transformative approach reduces the costs of production and emissions of shipping, and does not require massive upfront investment, creating strong unit economics for the whole of Arrival’s product portfolio, including its electric van and bus announced earlier this year.